We are dedicated composite craftsmen. It’s our mission to provide premium marine, aerospace, automobile and consumer products to the world. With world-class knowledge, and a passion for innovation, we bring art and flexibility to composite construction—opening new avenues for our clients.

Solid Composites played a pivotal role for Team Sled during the build of our new super series TP52. They offered the resources, facilities and experience to construct and optimise many components for us. Their quality of work and skills reflect the vast knowledge they have and many years of experience at the highest levels. Most importantly though they were personable and approachable which was refreshing and incredibly helpful.
— Brad Marsh, Super Series Team Sled
Solid composites did a great job producing our bowsprit on time and to a fantastic standard despite the time constraints and technical issues they faced, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Solid for any future carbon projects, particularly if they’re challenging!
— Captain Richard Chadburn, Yacht Farfalla