TP52 Racing Components

We were asked to build a range of light weight components for various teams in the TP52 Super Series seasons. All components are held to the highest standards, meeting strict weight, functional, and aesthetic requirements. 

Platoon approached us to build their 10/10 and 20/20 displays for their brand new TP52 boats. The displays had to weigh under 1kg, which we were able to produce at 570gm. The project required a quick turn around, with the first display required within 10 days. Based on how the first display went, we quickly had orders from two additional teams, Sled and Bronenosec.

Platoon needed a dropline drum, and provided dimensions of the Harken T-Box, and then we were tasked with the design and build. The first design was immediately approved, and the final product weighed 700gm, which lead to Sled placing an order as well. 

Sled called us, urgently needing four new sheave boxes for a modification before the first regatta of the season. The tooling, sheave boxes and the CNC machining of the D pins were completed within seven days of the order, and arrived in Valencia, Spain three days later.