carbon fibre

Yacht Farfalla’s removable bowsprit

Yacht Farfalla’s removable bowsprit

When Yacht Farfalla approached Solid Composites to modify their vessel which would enable them to fulfil their vision of racing competitively, we didn’t hesitate to become involved. With the yacht due to arrive in Auckland in mid September, our calendar was cleared to give Farfalla our full attention. Two teams were formed to have new components constructed in the workshop in unison with extensive hull modifications and reinforcements to the vessel itself.

Cruise Whitsundays Carbon Fibre Bowsprit

Take a look behind the scenes of Cruise Whitsundays new carbon fibre bowsprit for their charter vessel Camira. The new bowsprit has been constructed from a low temperature pre-preg carbon fiber resin system, which resulted in phenomenal laminate consolidation to stand the test of time. This video takes you through the three months of construction in 55 seconds. 


carbon fibre shower

We were asked us to design and build a shower for a super yacht; the only requirements were two shower heads that operated with 60psi of water pressure, and it had to collapse for storage. We created three unique concepts, and with the client we narrowed it down to one final design. The final product was a one-of-a-kind shower, which contained custom metal parts to create a pin free exterior, and broke down into three pieces. It hung on a custom track, relying on gravity to hold it up; and stored securely in a custom carry case for easy mobility.